Dentalcidin Toothpaste: The Bad Breath Biofilm Biocidin Terminator

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Has this ever happened to you before? You wake up and you may even start to get out of bed and you catch a whiff of something and it smells bad. You can’t imagine what it is as you don’t see anything smelly around you. It could be your dog, maybe your partner but Doh! it’s really you and a case of very bad breath.


Yikes! We’ve all been there. You may run your tongue across the surface of your teeth. That strange slimy texture is an example of a biofilm. It’s the perpetrator of your bad breath and it’s a nasty thing you don’t want anywhere in your body. So what does one do about such a thing? Are there other reasons you might want to part from that old tube of Crest you’ve been using since childhood and take a walk on the wild side of a more natural toothpaste? You’ll only know if you keep reading.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilms are a collective of one or more types of microorganisms that can grow on many different surfaces. Microorganisms that form biofilms include bacteria, fungi and protists so they aren’t good. Think of a biofilm like a shield of protection around these bad guys. To get rid of the bad guys you have to penetrate their shields. It might sound like you’re in an episode of star trek but pull yourself back Captain Picard. These biofilms aren’t some fancy piece of future technology but are how these toxins shield themselves from harm in your body.

One common example of a biofilm is dental plaque. Dental plaque is a slimy buildup of bacteria that forms on the surfaces of teeth and can harden over time. Biofilms are also found on the skin, teeth, mucosa of the nose, and the gut. Since we’re talking about the mouth one way to help prevent biofilms is by using the right toothpaste.

What is Biocidin Toothpaste?

Bio-Botanical Research Dentalcidin is a Biocidin Toothpaste product, free from fluoride and other potentially harmful manmade chemicals. Many toothpastes have harmful chemicals for our bodies such as tricolsan or in Europe it may have e-numbers. Have you every wondered why it says on the label of you consume more than you should you’ll need to go to the emergency room? It makes you wonder if you should put any of that stuff in your mouth at all?

Deltalcidin on the other hand contains herbs and essential oils that help to restore optimal microbial balance in the mouth. It has anti-biofilm properties, and may help to breakdown dental plaque, which is caused by microbial biofilms that are both bacterial and fungal. Dentalcidin is especially effective against oral Candida which is when there is a white coating on the tongue.

In partnership with the regular treatment from your dentist, this product may help to improve and freshen your breath, reduce gum inflammation and sore tongue & gums, improve gum bleeding, remove white coating on your tongue, remove oral Candida, and other common oral and dental symptoms.

Healthy Digestion Starts In The Mouth

This heady of healthy digestion starts in the mouth may seem obvious but are you putting chemicals and toxins in there to start with while you’re trying to clean it? Are you ensuring that your keeping a healthy mouth as the start of a healthy digestive system?

You want to avoid swallowing bad bugs or having oral inflammation. Your mouth as I’m sure you’ve heard has its own microbiome or in english it has good bacteria and bad bacteria. Hopefully the good far outnumber the bad. For some examples of bad things like H. Pylori and Streptococcus which can cause gum disease and gum bleeding come to mind.

Candida and oral thrush can also occur which usually show up as white lesions in the mouth. These are signs of bacterial overgrowth. You could also have bad breath, mouth ulcers and sore or bleeding gums.

The Mouth, Ear, Nose & Throat Network

You’ve heard of the network effect. Think of your mouth, nose, throat and ears as a network of tubes. That’s why for example if you have sinus pressure or drainage it may affect your ears and or go down the back of your throat. These systems are all connected and what happens to one can affect the other. That’s why taking care of your mouth is a big deal.

Why Use Dentalcidin?

The first reason is that it’s great at killing bad bugs in your mouth. By doing that it helps to rebalance your oral microbiome creating a mulch healthier starting place for your digestive system. It does that through a combination of essential oils and antimicrobial herbs.

The second reason is it leaves your mouth feeling really fresh and clean. A clean mouth is a good smelling, kissable mouth that people don’t mind being near. This is juxtaposed to the morning coffee breath mouth that people run away from in fear.

The third reason is it helps to break down biofilms. Think of that nasty dental plaque that you don’t want hanging around. This product can help break that dental plaque down.

Dentalcidin Toothpaste Ingredients

Sow what’s in Dentalcidin you ask? Dentalcidin contains Sorbitol, DI Water & Aloe Vera Gel, Vegetable Glycerine, Zeodent Dental Hydrated Silica 113-165 Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Cellulose Gum, Fresh Essential Oil Blend Spearmint, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Cinnamon, and Clove Bud, Royal Jelly, Simethicone, Sodium Benzoate.

It includes Biocidin which has the following ingredients: Bilberry extract, Noni, Milk Thistle, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Shiitake, White Willow, Garlic, Grapeseed extract, Black Walnut hull and leaf, Raspberry, Fumitory, Gentian, Tea Tree oil, Galbanum oil, Lavender oil, Oregano oil.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, less than 5% alcohol. Gluten free. No added sugars, artificial coloring or flavoring. Not tested on animals. Fluoride free.

Can Dentalcidin Whiten Teeth?

Dentalcidin contains professional grade Zeodent Hydrated Silica for gentle and effective cleaning and whitening. Many whitening toothpastes tend to strip away enamel over time but Zeodent hydrated silica is gentle on enamel. For additional whitening you can use a product like crest whitening strips on an occasional as needed basis.


Microorganisms and bacterial biofilms in dental plaque cause a number of oral health concerns that can lead to systemic health challenges. Use of the broad-spectrum botanicals in Dentalcidin can assist in removing biofilms and plaque and are an excellent way to promote and maintain healthy teeth and gums. Dentists also recommend concurrent use of Dentalcidin LS Liposomal Oral Care Solution as increased botanical support and for use after any dental work or cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our Biocidin Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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