The Definitive Guide to Biocidin: The Biofilm, Pathogen Buster!

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I promise we’ll get to Biocidin but let’s set the foundation first. Good gut health is directly impacted by the microbiome that an individual has. In previous posts, we discussed the power of prebiotics and probiotics in promoting the growth of good bacteria and maintaining a healthy and balanced gut mucosal layer.

Today we will look at what else you can use to fight off bad bacteria in the entire gi tract and in other systems of your body and stop them from causing chronic illnesses. Invasion by pathogens is sometimes inevitable. In a world where pathogens are mutating, evolving, and becoming more virulent as well as becoming resistant to antibiotics in some cases, you need support that may help you fight off infection.

How do bad bacteria cause illnesses?

Pathogens (disease causing bacteria) have many routes of entry into the human body and they have adapted in many ways so that they can avoid or trick our immune systems. The most common point of entry for pathogens is through the respiratory system. Once there one such way that pathogens use to avoid the immune system is by forming biofilms in which they communicate with each other and become stronger by doing so and as you’ll learn below can become very resistant to standard treatments.

What are Biofilms?

Biofilms are found on the skin, teeth, mucosa of the nose, and the gut. You might guess that biofilms aren’t good and you’d be right, but what are biofilms anyway? Biofilms are a collective of one or more types of microorganisms that can grow on many different surfaces. Microorganisms that form biofilms include bacteria, fungi, and protists. The easiest way to think about biofilms is they are a shield that pathogens use to hide from your immune system.

One common example of a biofilm, dental plaque is a slimy buildup of bacteria that forms on the surfaces of teeth. Dentalcidin is a great product if you’re looking for a natural toothpaste that helps get rid of bad mouth bacteria. Pond scum is another example. Biofilms sure are appetizing little things, aren’t they? They have been found growing on minerals, metals, underwater, underground, and above the ground. They can grow on plant tissues and animal tissues, and on implanted medical devices such as catheters and pacemakers.

Each of these distinct surfaces has a common defining feature: they are wet. These environments are “periodically or continuously suffused with water,” according to a 2007 article published in Microbe Magazine. Biofilms thrive upon moist or wet surfaces.

Biofilm Formation

Addressing biofilms can be tough as they are made up of an extracellular matrix and help pathogens by giving them protection from environmental stresses and providing enhanced nutrient availability. Other pathogens use efflux pumps to remove antibiotics from inside the pathogens’ cells so that antibiotics become less effective. There can also be gene transfer between the pathogens strengthening them against our body’s immune system and what might commonly be used to fight them.

Did you know that bacteria that are found in biofilms are up to a thousand times more immune to antibiotics compared to bacteria that aren’t? This results in chronic infections and pathogen overloads such as sinus infections, candidiasis, UTIs, and, children’s ear infections. In biofilms, bacteria and fungi communicate via quorum sensing. A well-known example of a biofilm is plaque which is found in the oral cavity. We all know that when plaque is left to be, it can cause tooth decay and gum infections. The same thing can happen in the rest of the body where pathogens are able to gain access. Addressing biofilms and getting rid of them is key to improving health and reducing symptoms.

How Do Botanicals Work?

There are many categories of herbs and botanical extracts to treat microbial challenges. Some with high berberine alkaloid content are Gentian and Goldenseal. There are also some like Garlic that contains allicin and other compounds that have been extensively studied for potential effectiveness in resolving bacterial and fungal infections.7-9 

Many essential oils exhibit antimicrobial activity. Several categories of antimicrobial herbal constituent compounds such as plant tannins, eugenols, and OPC’s can disrupt the development of biofilms through one of several mechanisms.10 

As we talked about above a Biofilm is the coating that bacteria and other pathogens develop to protect themselves from detection by our immune system and is a contributing factor to the recurrence of infection as well as the progression of many chronic illnesses.10,11

How does Biocidin work?

Now that we know what biofilms are, where they live, and why they are so hard to get rid of the big question is how can we use natural treatments to get rid of them? That’s where Biocidin comes in. Simply put, Biocidin is a potent antimicrobial and biofilm breaker. It’s a synergistic combination of botanicals that makes it harder for pathogens to resist your immune system.

It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial herbal combination that treats gastric as well as other systemic challenges. Biocidin assists the immune system by exposing bacteria and fungi that would otherwise have been hidden by biofilms. So, if you are taking antibiotics for chronic infections, taking Biocidin may make them more effective in eradicating infections.

Biocidin comes in various forms like biocidin drops, biocidin toothpaste, biocidin throat spray, well you get the idea. It includes bilberry extract, noni, milk thistle, echinacea (purpurea & angustifolia), goldenseal, shiitake, white willow, garlic, grape seed extract, black walnut (hull and leaf), raspberry, fumitory, gentian, tea tree oil, galbanum oil, lavender oil, oregano oil.

Biocidin Product Line

If you were to research any one of these ingredients, there are multiple studies showing benefits. Biocidin shows a remarkably broad spectrum of activity that can not be accomplished with a single product approach such as grapefruit seed extract. This approach can be thought of as an ‘all roads approach’ as all ingredients in this product address the one condition from many different avenues making there no place for the bug to hide.

As we spoke of before, pathogens in a biofilm use quorum sensing to communicate and to form stronger biofilms. Biocidin limits quorum sensing and by so doing weakens the biofilm. One of the key things that biofilms use to thrive in any environment is by sticking to surfaces. Biocidin has raspberry, lavender, thyme, and oregano which may stop biofilms from sticking to surfaces.

Biocidin is effective against pathogens that have efflux pumps. To put it simply some organisms have a way to regulate their internal environment by pumping things out that could harm them such as antimicrobial agents. That pumping mechanism is called an efflux pump.

Biocidin also helps in limiting germs’ swarming motility. Biocidin contains bacteriostatic herbs (echinacea goldenseal, gentian, and shiitake mushroom) that limit bacterial growth and bactericidal herbs (lavender, bilberry, black walnut, grape seed, olive leaf, and tea tree) that kill bacteria. Refined and combined together, these broad-spectrum botanicals and disease fighters in Biocidin leverage their abilities. Biocidin may be effective in the treatment of Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth, GI Dysbiosis, Candidiasis, Lyme disease, and as nutritional support for many other microbial challenges.

Biocidin Ingredients – What’s In Biocidin?

Biocidin’s ingredients include bilberry extract (25 percent anthocyanosides), noni, milk thistle, echinacea (purpurea and angustifolia), goldenseal, shiitake, white willow (bark), garlic, grapeseed extract (minimum 90 percent polyphenols), black walnut (hull and leaf), raspberry, fumitory, gentian, tea tree oil, galbanum oil, lavender oil (plant and flower), oregano oil (plant and flower).

What Does Biocidin Help With?

What is Biocidin help with is a common question that we have patients ask. Biocidin and the powerful botanicals it contains have many potential uses. You can read more about all of them in The Top 12 Ways To Use Biocidin but we’ll give you the highlights below.

These botanical nutritional supplements are not meant to cure, treat, or prevent any disease. They are very commonly used as nutritional support during treatment but are not meant to replace any medically accepted treatment plan. They are designed for use under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Here’s a quick preview of what biocidin can be used for:

  • GI Dysbiosis including: Candida, SIBO, H. Pylori, Parasites, C. difficile*
  • Lyme disease and co-infections
  • Stomach Flu or Food Poisioning
  • Mental health disorders and Autism
  • Dental and Sinus infections
  • Dermatological infection
  • Viral diseases including the herpes family
  • Upper respiratory infection and Cold & flu
  • Allergies & Sinus Infections
  • Mold/Mycotoxins
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Prostate and Systemic inflammation
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Elderly or at risk patients
  • During heavy metal chelation
  • Any acute or chronic infection
  • Preventative when traveling

* For conditions like SIBO, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other cases where the gut is being inflamed due to food intolerance or not breaking down appropriately you may also consider a low FODMAP diet as part of a support regimen to relieve symptoms and promote microbiome healing.

Does Biocidin Kill Good Bacteria?

Research supporting the use of the active ingredients in the products in the amounts listed in the Product Usage Guide has shown no significant reduction in beneficial gut flora. The use of a high-quality probiotic supplement while taking the supplement is still often recommended, as it will help to crowd out any pathogens and support the normal proliferation of healthy gut flora during the protocol.

Is Biocidin Safe?

As an herbal formula Biocidin is generally considered very safe but like any supplement please talk with your doctor to make sure it’s the right choice for you and won’t have any interactions with anything else you may be taking medication or supplement wise.

If you are taking antibiotics, Biocidin and Olivirex should generally be taken an hour apart from antibiotic drugs to avoid stomach upset. These herbal products are generally very safe and can actually support the body when used along with antibiotics. G.I. Detox should always be taken a minimum of one hour away from any medications. Be sure to read the product insert for the drug in question to see which herbs are contraindicated, if any.

Biocidin Side Effects?

Side Effects

This product is considered safe for people with allergies as it is free from allergens such as milk, eggs, yeast, corn, soy, and wheat. It is also free from synthetic ingredients, colors, additives, and excipients. This product is a cruelty-free product and 100% vegetarian/vegan formula. The natural ingredients are Certified Organic or wild-crafted sources.

As far as side effects are concerned, this product contains high potent ingredients and should be taken only under the guidance of a health care expert. This will help avoid any Biocidin adverse reactions. Pregnant women should refrain from using this product and breastfeeding women should talk with their doctor. If you have any impending surgery in the near future then do not use this product as it contains blood-thinning herbs.

This product is not FDA evaluated and does not guarantee to cure any problem or medical condition. The manufacturer has not listed any side effects or adverse reactions caused by the supplement. There is less information regarding the possible side effects, so it is better to read the product label and talk with your doctor.

How can you choose the right Biocidin supplement for you?

Biocidin Products

Biocidin is manufactured by Bio-Botanical Research and has many formulations that are curated to support the immune system.

  • Biocidin capsules and Biocidin Liquid target the GI tract and support microbiome balance for healthy digestion and elimination. These also offer systemic support.
  • Biocidin LSF is a liposomal delivery formula. This potent mixture to the blood stream and lymph for rapid absorbition and systemic support.
  • Dentaldicin toothpaste and Dentalcidin LS Liposomal Oral Care Solution assist in removing biofilms and plaque. It is also effective as botanical support and for use after any dental work or dental cleaning.
  • Biocidin TS Throat Spray is for those with nasal infections or chronic sinusitis. Biocidin Throat Spray brings all the effectiveness of Biocidin directly to the throat.

Biocidin Drops

We get many questions about Biocidin Drops and just want to clarify that usually what is meant by Biocidin Drops is Biocidin Liquid. When using Biocidin drops the manufacturer recommends beginning with 1 drop and gradually increasing up to 5 drops 3 times per day or as directed by your healthcare professional. Children may use 1 drop per 4.5 kg of body weight per day, divided into 2 doses. Please see below for additional dosing suggestions.

Biocidin Programs and Biocidin Protocol

Bioclear Cleansing Program

If you’re looking for a complete Biocidin protocol or program Biocidin offers two options. The first is the Bioclear Cleansing Program which is recomended by leading practitioners including us. The Bioclear Cleansing Program contains a convenient one-month supply of Biocidin Liquid (or Capsules or LSF) with G.I. Detox+, and Proflora4R together as a kit for broad-spectrum, nutritional support to cleanse, balance intestinal ecology and support healthy digestion and elimination. There is a cost savings by purchasing the Biocidin protocol over the individual products.

Biocidin Comprehensive Cleansing Program
Comprehensive Cleansing Program

The second is the Comprehensive Biocidin Cleansing Program. In Functional Medicine, the 4 R’s of balancing microbiome ecology in the GI tract is considered the foundation for establishing overall health. Our Comprehensive Cleansing Program™ addresses the 4 R’s with specialized and synergistic formulations to provide a clinically effective, easy-to-use program that supports microbiome balance.

Typically, a minimum of 2 months of use of the formulations, along with a healthy diet is recommended to address microbial imbalances and restore intestinal ecology. The Comprehensive Cleansing Program is easy to administer and represents a saving over the total cost of individual products, and includes a FREE Dentalcidin toothpaste ($27.95 value).

When Should I Take Biocidin?

Taking Biocidin 15-20 minutes prior to eating helps to maximize absorption, and is strongly suggested by the manufacturer. Please make sure you consult with your healthcare professional before taking any supplements to make sure they are right for you and the dosage is appropriate.

Biocidin Dosing

It’s important to take the right dosing to prevent any Biocidin Adverse Reactions. Dosing is based on many factors including age. For small children please note pediatric servings are based on weight and not age. It’s essential to start using the smallest recommended serving size and slowly increase as you confirm your body tolerates it. This process is called titrating. If you are sensitive to detoxification you may need to start with binders like GI Detox before adding any products that address your microbial balance.

Download our free Biocidin protocol pdf dosing guide so you’ll know how all the Biocidin products work together and can be used. As we mentioned above, it’s better to gradually increase to the recommended dose than to take too much. Always work with your doctor or healthcare professional. You can always set up an appointment with Dr. Jamy and his team to discuss your situation.

Biocidin Titrating Guide

Biocidin Liquid: Begin with 1 drop of Biocidin twice daily and gradually increase up to 15 drops twice a day based on your healthcare practitioner’s recommendations. It’s best to take Biocidin Liquid on an empty stomach at least 20 before or 2 hours after a meal.

Biocidin Capsules: It’s a good idea to work your way up to using 5 drops of Biocidin Liquid before switching to capsules if you decide to do that. One capsule is equal to 5 drops of Biocidin Liquid. Take one capsule daily and gradually increase to 3 capsules twice daily. It’s best taken on an empty stomach at least 20 minutes before or two hours after a meal.

Biocidin LSF: Start with one pump per day and gradually increase up to 3 pumps twice daily. You’ll want to hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. You can add it to water if you prefer to. It’s best taken on an empty stomach at least 20 minutes before or two hours after a meal. One pump of Biocidin LSF equals 5 drops of Biocidin Liquid. If you are very sensitive you can start by mixing one pump in 4oz of water. Then hold 2oz of the solution you just made in your mouth for 60 seconds and swallow. The remaining 2oz can be refrigerated and taken the following day. You can then increase as you can tolerate it.

Olivirex: Take one capsule daily and gradually increase up to 3 capsules twice daily. It can be taken with Biocidin and it’s best taken on an empty stomach at least 20 minutes before or two hours after a meal. If you experience any upset stomach after taking Olivirex it can be taken with food.

Nursing Mothers:

Biocidin Age Recommendations Chart

Please see the chart below for the manufacturer’s age recommendations. Some products like Biocidin Liquid and Biocidin LSF may be appropriate for younger children, but please work with your healthcare practitioner before starting any new supplements to make sure they are right for you or your children.

Biocidin Botanicals Age Recommendations Chart

Biocidin Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any of the products contain gluten, artificial colors, flavors, sugar, soy, or dairy?
All of our products are made without common allergens, including gluten/wheat, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, soy, and artificial ingredients (note, see FAQ specifically regarding tree nuts).

Our Biocidin® LSF contains sunflower phospholipid instead of soy. It is stabilized into the optimal nano-particulate size range for absorption with a small amount of tocophersolan, a vitamin E analog. Safety data exists for tocophersolan at 300 times the amount consumed within our products. The ethanol alcohol portion of the products is derived from potatoes, but ethanol alcohol does not contain residual starch, sugar, proteins, or peptides. Our probiotic does not contain dairy.

Do any of the products contain tree nuts?
The Biocidin® Liquid, Biocidin® LSF, Biocidin® Capsules, Biocidin® TS, Dentalcidin™, and Dentalcidin™ LS oral care solution all contain black walnut hull and leaf, which may contain trace amounts of the black walnut nut protein. Therefore, these products would not be suitable for use by those with severe nut allergies, as determined by their healthcare provider.

Where do the product ingredients come from?
The herbs in all of the products are from European and U.S. sources, except for those in the Biotonic™ formula, which are from China. The Chinese herbs are certified organic and rigorously tested for any impurities. All of the herbs are processed in California at a cGMP facility that is regulated by the FDA and has NSF certification.

Are the products vegan?
All of the products are vegan, with the exception of the Dentalcidin™ toothpaste, which contains the bee product, royal jelly, and our Vitamin D3+ whose source is lanolin from sheep’s wool. 

What are the capsules made of for the G.I. Detox™+, Proflora 4R, and Biocidin encapsulated products?
Vegetarian cellulose capsules are used for all products that come in capsule form. The cellulose is sourced from poplar and pine trees (HPMC), and as such may not be suitable for anyone with a severe poplar or pine tree allergy. The capsules used for the Biocidin® also contain a small amount of titanium dioxide, which gives them their opaque white color.

My product doesn’t have an expiration date printed on it. When should I replace it?
The products have a manufacturing date printed on them (“MFG” followed by a date). Although the product may not have an expiration date, it is recommended to replace the product two years after the printed manufacturing date.

Approximately how many drops are contained in each bottle?
Each bottle contains about 700 drops of Biocidin® broad-spectrum Liquid Formula. There are approximately 100 servings in each bottle of Biocidin® Liposomal Formula (each serving meaning 1 pump, equivalent to about 5 drops of the liquid formula). There are approximately 1950 drops in each bottle of Biotonic™ Adaptogenic Tonic.

What happens if I take too much Biocidin?
If you were to take a few drops too many orally you may experience diarrhea. Biocidin is a bacteria and pathogen killer and having too much of it can disrupt the balance of your intestinal tract. If you were to take a few drops too many drink plenty of water and your body will naturally flush it out and return to a more balanced state.

What does Biocidin taste like?
The taste is surprisingly pleasant, faintly sweet but not too sweet.

Product Storage / Transport

The Beer Truck
Wouldn’t it be awesome if they transported Biocidin like this? Sadly this is only for beer.

Are the products affected by severe weather conditions?
Do not allow the product to freeze, or to remain in an area above 90oF (32oC) for a prolonged period of time. In transit, the products may be exposed for short periods to temperatures higher or lower than recommended for storage, and this is not typically a problem.

How do I store the products?
Storing the products upright in a cool, dark place is ideal. They should be kept out of direct sunlight. There is no need to refrigerate the products, however, the liposomal Biocidin® (LSF) does contain oils that may keep longer if refrigerated after opening.

If I am instructed to make a dilution of Biocidin® LSF in water for a children’s or beginning level adult protocol, does the diluted mixture need to be covered and refrigerated?
Not when it will be consumed within a day. However, it is helpful to store the mixture in a lidded container to protect it from dust and spills. If more of the diluted mixture is made than will be consumed in one day, then it should be refrigerated, and replaced at least every several days.

How can I keep the products from leaking while traveling?
When carrying Biocidin® LSF, be sure to engage the pump locking mechanism by turning the top to the left until it won’t depress. For the regular Biocidin® liquid, make sure the neck of the bottle is clean by wiping the threads off. It’s best to place the liquid products in a plastic bag while traveling, and to keep them upright as best as possible, to prevent leakage.

General Product Usage

Will these products “cure” me?
Nutritional supplements such as the herbal products made by Bio-Botanical Research, Inc. are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any kind of disease or medical condition. The purpose of broad-spectrum nutritional supplements is to support the body and maintain health. These supplements are formulated to provide nutritional support.* For best results, contact an integrative healthcare provider, naturopath, or another practitioner familiar with nutritional and herbal supplement protocols.**

If I have missed taking Biocidin® before my meal, can I still take it after having eaten?
Although not ideal, you can take it with a full stomach. A little extra may be taken, to compensate for the hindered absorption. Please consult your practitioner for specific amounts. Taking Biocidin® 15-20 minutes prior to eating helps to maximize absorption, and is strongly suggested.

If I’ve missed taking G.I. Detox™+ on an empty stomach, can I take it after having eaten?
It is very important to wait an hour or more, until the stomach has emptied, to take the G.I. Detox™+. It is also advisable to wait another full hour, after taking G.I. Detox+, before eating or drinking anything other than water. This helps to ensure that the G.I. Detox+ is helping cleanse biofilm breakdown and not food nutrients, supplements, or medications. 

Will the use of these products kill off my beneficial gut flora?
Preliminary research supporting the use of the ingredients in the products in the amounts listed in the Product Usage Guide has shown no significant reduction in beneficial gut flora. The use of a high-quality probiotic supplement like Proflora® 4R during the protocol is still highly recommended, as it supports the normal proliferation of healthy gut flora.


How should I take my probiotics during a Biocidin® protocol?
Most probiotics should be taken a minimum of two hours after taking Biocidin®, Olivirex®, or G.I. Detox™+. Taking probiotics before bed is preferable, if possible, to give them maximum proliferation time without food or supplement interference. Proflora® 4R does not need to be taken apart from Biocidin®, but should still be taken at least one hour apart from any Olivirex®, or G.I. Detox™+.

Can I take grapefruit seed extract while following a Biocidin® protocol?
Due to reports of GI tract upset when combining the two, we do not recommend taking grapefruit seed extract while following a Biocidin® protocol.

If I’ve used Biocidin® to balance my GI tract but would like to take it annually or as maintenance, how long should I use it?
Under the supervision of your healthcare practitioner, you can take the Biocidin® for 4-8 weeks for an annual or semi-annual cleanse. G.I. Detox™+ and Proflora® 4R are highly recommended along with Biocidin®, to support this periodic GI cleansing.

Are your herbal products OK to take with antibiotic drugs?
Biocidin® and Olivirex® should generally be taken an hour apart from antibiotic drugs to avoid stomach upset. These herbal products are generally very safe and can actually support the body when used along with antibiotics. G.I. Detox™+ should always be taken a minimum of one hour away from any medications. Be sure to read the product insert for the drug in question to see which herbs are contraindicated, if any.

Should I stop taking my antibiotics?
Antibiotics are important drugs that are often very helpful and are a valid treatment option. We do not suggest that you stop taking a prescribed antibiotic drug unless directed to do so by a qualified medical professional.



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